User Research

Understanding an end users' needs are essential at inception of designing a service. It's this step that contributes to producing the right application.

We identify the needs, the tasks required, and the problems that the users' may experience.


Once a users requirements are understood, a roadmap is required to the software releases. This stage is critical in planning the time required, resources and tasks towards an achieved goal.

Our expert product owners and business analysts allow you to see a realistic outlook of the software development cycle.


During this stage; the prototyping stage, we focus on the users overall experience in using your product. The UI is the design of the application, using information provided from our user research team.

Creating an enjoyable platform for your users' to use. Level 5 UX specialists are here to assist on your project.


This is fun! With a roadmap and scrum masters working together, the development team can start making the application a reality. Using Scrum practices, each task is fully manageable and allows your organisation to track the progress after each sprint.

The development stage has a mix of technical architects, technical leads, software developers and dev-ops.


The launch of your application to the real world is the most important of them all! The software development cycles includes full continuous integration environments.

Level 5 development practices includes testing which is the most important.

Level 5 have experienced consultants to assist in your companies practices. Let us define your processes and your software development cycle. Click here for our digital transformation service.

If you require any of our services, or want to call to discuss further please contact us.


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